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Year Up empowers urban young adults with skills, experience, and support.

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Year Up provides young adults, ages 18—24, in urban communities with the skills, experience, and support that will help these individuals reach their goals through professional careers and higher education.

Year Up easily visualizes and understands their vast amount of client data.

Year Up is committed to closing the opportunity divide by providing urban young adults with the right skills and support to reach their professional potential. There are about 12 million available jobs in the United States that require post-secondary education. In addition, there are about 6 million urban young adults who are out of work, don't attend school, and lack access to the economic mainstream.

Year Up believes that by providing talented young adults with the right tools, these individuals will have access to these previously, difficult-to-attain jobs. With this mission in mind, Year Up needed a single source of truth to view their student data. With Einstein Analytics, Year Up can now visualize its student data in an easily digestible way.

This Trailblazer empowers urban young adults with skills, experience, and support.

At Year Up, providing young urban adults with the right resources is a companywide passion. But in order to maintain successful student outcomes, Year Up needed a way to standardize their data and understand what it meant.

Before Einstein Analytics, Year Up relied heavily on Excel for reporting capabilities. Year Up measures success with RADIO — Retention, Admission, Development, Internships, and Outcomes. As Year Up continued to grow, the company came to the realization that their reporting processes were not good enough anymore.

The standard reporting process involved exporting reports into Excel, altering them, and then distributing the reports. By the time leadership received these reports, there was no insight into how accurate the data was, how old it was, or how many people altered it. Year Up needed an analytics tool that would provide their leadership with clear data around RADIO, but in a way that was easy to understand.

"Einstein Analytics allows us to show the same data, but in a way that is visual and easy to understand.” Daniel Freed, Director of Technology.

Improving data quality and increasing companywide visibility.

With Einstein Analytics, Year Up has been able to standardize their data, providing employees with a single source of truth. Before, leadership had the most visibility into company data. By standardizing the data companywide, now employees beyond executives have insights into RADIO data.

Fast iteration is key. We are able to get the dashboards out quickly and make necessary adjustments so they are useful for our employees.”

Jim Thie, Chief Information Officer

In addition to providing every employee with a single source of truth, Year Up can now trust its data quality.

By no longer worrying about who altered the data last, leadership can spend more time interpreting what their retention and admission numbers mean. With so many employees benefiting from self-service analytics, Year Up has been able to drive adoption from 50 users to 320 users. Now employees can retire their static excel data and visually understand what their numbers mean, leading to data-driven next steps.

With data as their backbone, Year Up can continue to support its mission of closing the opportunity divide. With Einstein Analytics, Year Up envisions enabling employees to manage their business on the go. Their long term goal is to democratize their data, allowing Year Up employees to easily find insights within their RADIO data.


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