Introducing Energy & Utilities Cloud.

Thrive in the digital age and give residential and business customers personalized, responsive service from anywhere.


Deliver digital-first, personalized engagement throughout the customer lifecycle.

Energy & Utilities Cloud centralizes utility customer insights and processes into a single engagement layer, so your entire team can collaborate with customers on a sustainable, data-driven energy future.

Get connected service, all on one platform.

A single solution to support your full customer base, from residential to the largest commercial and industrial customers. This customer-centric 360-degree view is shared by marketing, sales, service, contract management, and partners.

Enable seamless customer engagement on all channels.

Acquire and serve customers across social media, web, mobile, and contact center, and delight your agents with a single service pane.

Transform agents into advisors.

Equip agents with the power of customer analytics and predictive insights, enabling truly personalized customer service on an intuitive console.

Innovate with your most valuable C&I customers.

Powerful, data-driven tools and agility help you optimize offers, automate approvals and quickly generate complex contracts for your most valuable business customers and key accounts.