Get features that make mobile workforce management easier on everyone involved.

Get everything your team needs to effectively juggle the complex logistics, rising customer expectations, and high costs of onsite operations.

Give mobile employees the app they need to fix problems right the first time.


Customized Mobile App

Change colors and add logos to make the mobile app your own. 

Push Notifications

Automatically send and receive real-time updates.

Day View

View all your mobile jobs for a given day in an easy map view. 


Get guided instructions to ensure jobs are completed correctly.


Access a single, central source of helpful articles and information. 


Instantly collaborate with company experts and other employees. 

Barcode Scanner

Quickly scan parts and equipment barcodes on the spot.

Service Reports

Generate work reports — including multiple signatures — to finish while onsite.

Offline Priming Sync

Trigger syncing updates and check real-time status to ensure you always work with the most recent data.

Service Contracts and Maintenance Plans

Upsell with easy access to contracts customers can sign on the spot.


Speed up tasks with actions that can be used to create records, update data, launch flows, and more.


Salesforce security features baked into the product help keep customer data safe.

Help dispatchers prioritize jobs and schedule crews more efficiently.


Enhanced Optimization

Optimize scheduling for your field technicians based on policies you define to meet your business KPIs.

Utilization Tracker

Easily monitor the utilization of your techs by using the Gantt and utilization view.

Location Intelligence

Use the map view to dispatch jobs by location, surface additional business critical data, track agents’ current location, and so on.

Crew Scheduling

Schedule groups of techs and resources all together.


Collaborate instantly with agents, techs, and other employees.

Give contract managers insights into service contracts, maintenance plans, and more.


Installed Base Tracking

Track all your assets and resources from a single console.

Service Contract and Entitlement Management

Manage service contracts, verify SLA compliance, and ensure collaboration between sales and service. 

Preventive Maintenance

Generate maintenance work orders automatically and get the optimal schedule through optimization.

Inventory Management

Track, request, transfer, and update inventory stored in warehouses, van stocks, and at customers’ locations.

Workflow Automation

Automate process with Lightning Flow and leverage IoT data in context to anticipate service needs.

Location Intelligence

With Salesforce Maps (available for an additional cost), visualize equipment by location, surface additional business critical data, track installed base status in specific areas, and more.

Transform your field operations with the #1 service platform.

If you’re looking for a complete solution to manage your onsite support, talk to one of our specialists today.

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