Go from Financial Services Provider to Trusted Partner

Meet your customers on the road to financial wellness.


Olivia’s Tale of Financial Fellowship

Every customer is on a journey. In this guide, see how one customer’s financial partners build trust at every milestone. And get resources to build trusted relationships with your prospects and customers — wherever their journeys lead.



Go from wealth manager to trusted advisor.


How Her Advisor Delivered

With a single 360-degree view of her personal and business accounts, Olivia’s wealth manager was able to look out for her best interests, providing holistic advice and explaining the impact across all aspects of her financial life.



Go from banker to best friend.


How Her Bank Delivered

Einstein Analytics makes it easy to identify the next best action to support Olivia at every stage of her journey. This included generating cross-LOB referrals to help her make the most of every service the bank had to offer.



Go from insurer to reassurer.


How Her Insurer Delivered

With upfront quoting and rates plus a holistic view of Olivia’s life events and profile, her agent was able to deliver expert policy support as well as moral support for coverage that felt truly comprehensive.



Go from lender to life changer.


How Her Lender Delivered

A complete view of her goals and risk tolerance made it easy for Olivia's lender to anticipate her needs and collaborate. Automated tasks, action plans, and document checklists streamlined the entire application process from start to finish.

Start your journey with Salesforce for Financial Services.

Whether a customer is investing in a business or a home, saving for the future, or protecting what matters, every financial journey is different. But with a single, unified engagement platform you can be their trusted partner for every milestone, on any channel, anywhere in the world.