Free Small Business Tools to Grow Your Company

Why delve into the ins and outs of lead generation? New leads are vital to growing your business, that’s why. Salesforce offers a wealth of tools proven to help businesses of all sizes grow and thrive. Our community of Trailblazers is always finding new ways to build relationships and win business, and there’s nothing we like better than sharing their tips, tricks, and stories.

Check out these free resources and tools to learn more about how best to grow your small business with Salesforce.


If you’re not already blazing trails on Trailhead, you need to get out on the trail pronto. Trailhead is the fun, self-paced way to learn all about Salesforce. And it’s free to use.

Several trails and modules focus on using Salesforce to grow your business. Start with these:

Trailhead: Grow Your Small Business with Sales Cloud Lightning Essentials
Meet Salesforce Essentials, the simple and straightforward way to manage the logistics of your small business.

Trailhead: Grow Faster with CRM
Discover Salesforce CRM, and learn how sales, service, and marketing can help your business.

Trailhead: Small Business Trail Guide
Recommended trails cover best practices for your growing business, and getting started with Salesforce.

Blog: Trailhead for Small Businesses: Easy Ways to Blaze a Trail to Business Growth
See these tips, tricks, and more recommended trails and modules, from one Trailblazer to another.

Trailblazer Community

Trailblazer Community: Small and Medium Business Community
Join the conversation here to learn more about growing your small and medium businesses (SMBs), how Salesforce can help you, and everything in between.

More Free Small Business Resources and Tools

Small Business Resources: Small Business Solutions: Essential Resources to Grow Your Business
Explore e-books, white papers, demos, and more to help your small or medium business take off. Find out how other small businesses are using CRM to get smarter and grow bigger.

Salesforce Insights: Top 5 Growth Tips
Discover five insights from entrepreneurs and small business leaders we see as the foundation to success.

E-book: Top 25 Tips for Growing Your Business
From managing sales pipeline to the importance of hiring smart, working hard, and being kind — find insight and inspiration in top tips from SMB leaders.

E-book: How to Grow Your Small Business with Marketing
Step-by-step instructions show you how to use email marketing, social media, lead management, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing to grow your business.

Salesforce Blog: How to Grow a Business: When Big Companies Were Small
Check out this infographic detailing how having a clear vision helped these small businesses grow into some of the world’s most recognized brands.

Salesforce Blog: 10 Ways Small Business Can Grow Using Salesforce
Explore ten ways Salesforce Small Business Solutions technology can help small businesses grow and prosper.

Grow Blog: The Blog for Growing Companies
Provocative, useful, and inspirational stories for small business owners and entrepreneurs. We keep them short, because small business owners are the busiest of the busy.

Article: CRM Apps Help Small Businesses Grow — Here’s How
Learn how to optimize your CRM platform for mobile through a CRM app.



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Free Small Business Tools to Grow Your Company

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