Lead Routing in Salesforce

Assuming you have more than one sales rep in your company, when a lead comes in, you’re going to have to decide who gets it. This is known as lead routing.

Lead routing: The process of distributing incoming leads among sales reps. Also known as lead assignment, lead routing is usually automated.

A lead routing process could be as simple as making an alphabetical list of all of your sales reps and assigning each new lead to whomever is next in line. More sophisticated systems depend on a variety of lead assignment rules, which are often based on territory (geography), industry, potential deal size, or other factors.

With Salesforce you can easily create automated, rules-based routing to assign leads. Salesforce lead assignment rules are customizable, combinable, and easy to create.

We’ve gathered up some great resources so you can learn more about lead routing in Salesforce.


Trailhead: Qualify and Route Leads to Your Reps
Take an in-depth look at the importance of prioritizing incoming leads. Learn to qualify leads quickly, and see how your marketing team can effectively score leads using Salesforce lead routing.

Trailhead: Grow Your Business with Sales Cloud
Learn how Sales Cloud automatically prioritizes and routes leads to the best possible rep using Salesforce lead assignment rules.

Trailhead: Convert and Assign Leads
Go hands-on with a step-by-step guide to setting up criteria-based lead assignment rules in Salesforce. Automate your sales lead routing the easy way.

Trailhead: Sell as a Team
Learn the principles behind team selling, and how to use Sales Cloud’s account teams feature with lead assignment.

Salesforce Documentation

Official Documentation: Leads
How to track prospects apart from your contacts and opportunities with Salesforce lead records. After you’ve qualified your lead records, convert them to contacts and create accounts for them.

Official Documentation: Salesforce Lead Management Implementation Guide
Make sure you have everything you need on-hand before you set up lead management

Official Documentation: Guidelines for Setting Up Web-to-Lead
Get Salesforce ready to gather information from your company’s website and automatically generate up to 500 new leads a day.

Official Documentation: How Do I Create a Round-Robin Assignment for Leads or Cases to Users?
Learn to assign leads (or cases) that are either manually created or created using web-to-lead (or web-to-case).

Official Documentation: Managing Assignment Rules
Step-by-step instructions for creating assignment rules to automate your organization’s lead generation and support processes.

Trailblazer Community

Knowledge Article: Identify Leads Created by Web-to-Lead
Quick tutorial lets you show that a lead has been created using web-to-lead.

Q&A: Criteria-Specific Lead Routing
Learn to route leads using a round-robin method, for specific lead sources only.

Q&A: Round-Robin Assignment for Leads
Get the details on Salesforce lead assignment rules, specifically how to implement round-robin or balanced load methods for assignment of leads.

Q&A: Lead Routing — 2-to-1 Assignment
Explore strategies and third-party AppExchange solutions for routing leads among teams with different numbers of members.

Q&A: Lead Assignment Based on Zip Code
Get step-by-step instructions and a video-based guide to Salesforce lead routing based on zip code. 

More Awesome Resources

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Knowledge Base: Market to Your Customers with Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

Explore multiple ways to assign prospects within Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and Salesforce, including manual assignment and using automation rules or completion actions to assign prospects to a user or group based on their activity or information.

Salesforce Stack Exchange: Lead Assignment Round-Robin Based on Lead Source
Want to use round-robin lead assignment only for certain leads, like leads coming from Facebook? Follow these easy instructions for implementing round-robin lead assignment triggered by a lead source value.



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