Spring ’22 Product Release

Spring into our latest products and features, and succeed from anywhere.


Transform your business with new innovations from the Spring ’22 Product Release.



Power sales teams for success anywhere.
  • Revenue Intelligence
  • Einstein Conversation Insights Enhancements
  • Sales Engagement Enhancements


Keep service simple with effortless interactions.
  • Appointment Bundling 
  • Swarming 
  • Multilingual Einstein Bots


Power smarter data and analytics with new integrations.
  • Salesforce CDP: AppExchange Partner Apps 
  • Salesforce CDP: Anonymous Profiles 
  • Datorama Enhancements for Ecommerce


Create deeper customer relationships that drive growth.
  • Commerce Cloud Enhancements for Restaurants, Auto, and Marketplace 
  • B2B and B2B2C Enhancements 
  • Salesforce Payments Enhancements


Bring people, tools, customers, and partners together in a digital HQ.
  • Huddles 
  • Clips 
  • Slack Connect

Financial Services

Build trusted relationships with high-impact customer experiences.
  • Record Alerts 
  • Interest Tags
  • Tableau CRM for Financial Services: Insurance Dashboards

Healthcare & Life Sciences

Streamline business processes on a unified platform to personalize experiences.
  • Medication Management 
  • Identity Verification 
  • Intelligent Sales Enhancements


Introducing new service capabilities, powered by Manufacturing Cloud.
  • Manufacturing Cloud - Service 
  • Enterprise Account Forecasting Enhancements 
  • Rebate Management Enhancements

Consumer Goods

Drive growth, and execute with efficiency.
  • Visit Planning Enhancements 
  • Authorized Product List 

Public Sector

Serve constituents and employees faster.
  • Business Rules Engine 
  • Business Rules Engine: Decision Explainer 
  • Tableau CRM for Public Sector


Reduce subscriber churn and boost sales efficiency.
  • Churn Predictions
  • Enterprise Sales Management Enhancements 
  • Mobile Subscription Management Enhancements


Maximize your campaign ROI with rich data and analytics.
  • Advertising Sales Management: Inventory Analytics

Energy & Utilities

Drive utility B2B sales by equipping teams with the right insights.
  • Large Account Sales and Management 
  • Tableau CRM for Energy & Utilities

Loyalty Management

Keep customers coming back with connected loyalty programs.
  • Loyalty Management Integration with Commerce Cloud 
  • Tableau CRM for Loyalty Management: Loyalty Promotion Predictions (Beta) 
  • Loyalty Promotions Setup Enhancements


Engage your donors to develop deeper relationships.
  • Einstein for Nonprofits 
  • Elevate Enhancements 
  • Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits Enhancements


Connect the learner journey with actionable data and engagement.
  • Accounting Subledger Enhancements 
  • Tableau Accelerators for Education Cloud 
  • Financial Aid Chatbot

Net Zero Cloud

Go net zero faster.
  • Carbon Footprint Forecast 
  • Waste Data Management 
  • Supplier Management

Platform Services

Enhance the security, resiliency, and privacy of your org’s data.
  • Backup and Restore 
  • External Services: OAS 3.0 Support

Platform Applications

Automate and optimize customer experiences with platform applications.
  • Salesforce Scheduler: Shift Rostering 
  • Salesforce Scheduler: Holiday Management for Service Territories 
  • Salesforce Feedback Management: Messaging Enhancements

Lightning Experience

Capture customer attention with engaging user experiences.
  • Lightning Web Security 
  • UI Test Automation Model 
  • Lightning Design System: Styling Hooks

Application Development

Simplify app development with connected workflow automation.
  • Lightning Web Components Mobile Enhancements 
  • Mobile Offline Enhancements 
  • Orchestrator


Scale your digital experiences to connect with more customers.
  • Mobile Publisher: Rich Media Push Notifications 
  • Microsites Enhancements 
  • Scalability Enhancements


Power revenue growth with productivity enhancements for Quip.
  • Document References 
  • Admin Control Enhancements 
  • Engagement Metric Enhancements


Empower your teams to thrive in any workflow.
  • In-App Guidance Enhancements 
  • Trailhead for Slack 
  • Content Template Enhancements


Unify data from any system fast.
  • MuleSoft Anypoint API Designer: AsyncAPI Support 
  • MuleSoft Anypoint Connector for Tableau 
  • MuleSoft Anypoint Connector for Slack Enhancements


Unlock rich and dynamic AI-powered insights.
  • Direct Data for Salesforce CDP 
  • Einstein Discovery: Multiclass Classification 
  • Repeater Widget

Customer Success

Follow your own path to success with tools that fit your needs.
  • Slack Collaboration for Signature Success Plan 
  • Success Center Enhancements 
  • Salesforce Help Enhancements

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