Salesforce AI + Data Cloud delivers trusted, extensible AI grounded in the fabric of our Platform.

Implement our AI in your customer data to create customizable, predictive, and generative AI experiences to safely meet all your business needs. Bring conversational AI to any workflow, user, department, and industry with Einstein and Data Cloud.

Dashboard screens of Einstein Copilot.

Einstein Copilot

Get conversational AI built right into the flow of work for any application, employee, and department. Teams can get work done faster and focus on what’s important, like spending more time building customer releationships.

Dashboard screens of Data Cloud.

Data Cloud

Data Cloud unlocks the power of generative AI, grounded with your company's data, delivering trusted, secure, and relevant outcomes without expensive model training. For enhanced workflows and insights, you can also seamlessly integrate external predictive models with Bring Your Own Model.

Our top features from the Summer 2024 release.

Service Cloud

Einstein Copilot: Field Service Actions drives mobile worker productivity with a customizable, conversational, and generative AI assistant embedded in the Field Service mobile app.

Marketing Cloud

Cross-Object Merge Fields taps into a deeper level of personalization allowing messages based on custom objects, and the creation of custom strings related to the individual.

Commerce Cloud

Commerce Intelligence drives business insights that grow revenue with real-time analytics, automation, and personalization powered by Data Cloud


Intelligent Document Processing effortlessly extracts data from documents in any format with AI-powered accuracy.


Slack AI, built natively into the user experience, helps your team work smarter, driving productivity across the org.


Salesforce Backup provides more flexibilty with customization around backup schedule, record identification, and more ease in file restoration.

Data Cloud

Vector Database unifies and indexes structured and unstructured data in Data Cloud to power automation, analytics, search, and AI.


Write to Data Cloud accelerates your Data Cloud journey by writing any CRM Analytics datasets to Data Cloud objects.

Education Cloud

Data Importer for Common app recruits and admits students faster by seamlessly importing first-year data into Education Cloud.


Nonprofit Cloud Einstein 1 Sales and Service Edition is a single offering to help reduce costs and increase value. Better data and built-in AI fuels your entire organization.

Find additional features tailored for your industry.

Connected Vehicle
Deploy innovative connected vehicle features, subscriptions and services, fast and at scale. Visualize a vehicle's features and services, power real-time remote actions, and track the status of any vehicle.

Actionable Telematics Framework
Improve driver safety by monitoring telematics data over time to detect changes that might otherwise be missed, and automatically alert drivers of the potential safety issue.

Remote Vehicle Actions
Use pre-built processes and workflows for common actions, like locking vehicle doors or sending alerts to the driver through the vehicle console.

Vehicle Status Monitoring
Get one view of the performance or health status of any vehicle. Track and monitor key performance metrics, like vehicle condition, fuel status, engine condition, and more in one platform.

Connected Vehicle Visualization
With real-time visualization of all a car’s connected features and services, provide better in-car experiences, and reveal relevant new features and services to consumers at the right time.

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Billing Inquiry Manager Enhancements
Empower Service Agents to view customer invoices and query service consumption and usage records. Harness generative artificial intelligence to assist service agents in order to answer common customer inquiries.

Work Order Estimation
Set customer expectations with contextual work summaries that are grounded in customer assets, associated service contract entitlements, and warranties before the installation begins.

Enterprise Sales Management Enhancements
Sales agents can leverage bulk edit actions in a simplified user interface. Empower your subscribers with self-service features like "Change of Plan" that let them modify their purchase.

TM Forum API Enhancements
TMF 620 Product Catalog Management API enables updates from CRM into external systems, allowing Product Managers to effectively manage their Product Catalogue across the entire customer lifecycle.

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Data Cloud for Consumer Goods
For the first time, aggregate retailer and consumer data into one view to make more strategic business decisions. Now, retail store and e-commerce data can be combined with consumer loyalty and marketing data to unlock new opportunities for growth.

Direct Store Delivery
A direct store delivery data model facilitates supply chain activities allowing van sales drivers to manage their orders including starting their tours, tracking and completing inventory inspection and completing truck load check-out process helping to reduce logistics costs.

MuleSoft Accelerator for Consumer Goods Enhancements
Pricing data integration for Trade Promotion Management allows key Account Managers to integrate pricing data including lists and cost of goods sold with Hyperforce to enable Consumer Goods companies to effectively analyze and optimize promotional activities.

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Data Cloud for Energy & Utilities
Industry specific data model objects pre-built in Data Cloud for multi-faceted analysis of electric vehicle and connected assets, enabling you to get value fast.

Dynamic Assessments
Design dynamic assessments that give agents, compliance officers, and auditors flexibility and control over inspections, investigations, and energy audits.

Warranty Management
Orchestrate the end-to-end warranty lifecycle with unparalleled versatility and ease. Develop a thorough framework of rules for warranty eligibility and entitlements at multiple product and asset levels.

Energy & Utilities Cloud Trial Org Enhancements
Improved UX design of our learning org for a better hand-on and guided experiences for every release.

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Einstein Copilot: Financial Services Actions
Help insurance CSRs save time with assistive and generative AI experiences by generating customer account summaries and emails for renewals and payments.

Transaction Dispute Management Enhancements
Further streamline the transaction dispute resolution process with a new, pre-built integration with a leading payment processor. Gain visibility and control into integration callouts with Integration Orchestration.

Automation Platform Enhancements
Manage how customers move through stages of complex processes like onboarding with Stage Management. Improve visibility into external workflows with Integration Orchestration.

Policyholder Self-Service Portal
Provide policyholders with a unified view of policies, claims, and service requests. Improve policyholder experiences and reduce contact center call volumes.

Personalize Financial Engagement Enhancements
Gain a more complete customer profile and greater actionability with more data in Data Cloud to power visualized insights. Enhance the bidirectional flow of data between Financial Services Cloud and financial planning platforms to reduce re-keying data.

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Integrated Care Management Enhancements
Customize care plans with standard MCG assessments to tailor care plans. Help care managers search for, view, and launch assessments as well as create and edit care plans based on completed assessments.

Provider Search Enhancements
Allow patients and clinicians to view available providers with enhanced search and filter functions. Use map view and provider detail cards to easily find and select suitable specialists.

Provider Network Management Enhancements
Manage the entire provider onboarding journey from one place with advanced features across provider recruitment, credentialing, and contracting.

Home Health Enhancements
Put home health at patients' fingertips with a self-service mobile app. Allow care professionals to easily schedule visits for multiple participants with an intelligent scheduling engine.

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Warranty Supplier Recovery
Effortlessly automate supplier claims and enhance collaboration with upstream suppliers. Extend seamless claims processing to optimize supply chain communication and efficiency.

Product Service Campaigns
Enhance service campaign efficiency. Quickly create product recall and upgrade campaigns with versatile search functions to streamline processes and conserve valuable time and resources.

Work Order Estimation
Accurately estimate work order costs, reduce revenue leakages, and enhance visibility into entitlements and pricing based on service contracts and warranties.

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Advertising Sales Management Enhancements
Enhanced grid functionality with improved labels, display of configuration status with details and upgrades to the print issue calendar—providing a comprehensive view of the media plan.

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ESG Report Accuracy Assessment
Use Einstein to generate responses to compliance questions, assess response quality, and suggest response accuracy enhancement.

Template Designer for ESG Disclosures
Enable ESG reporting managers to create their own disclosure template within Microsoft 365 Word, allowing responses to be saved to both Salesforce and MS 365.

CSRD Report Builder Enhancements
Improved ESRS (CSRD) reporting template and out-of-the-box integration with Materiality Assessment topics and survey, a unified authoring experience within Office 365, and Einstein-powered response completion.

Data Export and Automated Audit Trail
Boost transparency and trust in ESG reporting by enabling auditors to export raw data for calculations and access a detailed history log of data additions, changes, and deletions across all ESG reporting objects.

Simplified Data Collection Flow
A user-friendly UI ensures hassle-free data entry and bill uploads for stakeholders.

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Interaction Notes Enhancements
Capture better data from every interaction with a rich text editor. Associate tags, related records, and participants by note for enhanced searchability. Define sharing rules and approval processes for publishing and updates.

Social Insurance
Connect constituents, caseworkers, and employers on a single platform to manage social insurance claims.

Change of Circumstance Guided Flow Enhancements
Guide participants through required renewals and change of circumstance reporting. Help caseworkers verify eligibility and make program adjustments with automation.

Outcome Management for Public Sector Enhancements
Understand how activities drive outcomes for social services, financial assistance, and grants programs.

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Participant Enrollment
Efficiently select clinical trial candidates with intelligent screening, and randomization processes. Perform personalized outreach to target and recruit eligible participants.

Patient Program Outcome Management
Build comprehensive programs personalized for patients using real-time analysis and assessments. Evaluate aggregated outcomes to boost patient engagement and reduce dropout rates.

Benefits Verification
Streamline and automate verification and re-verification of benefits to improve patient adherence to medications. Equip agents with payer coverage analysis, SLAs, and reminders on a homepage dashboard.

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Dynamic Revenue Orchestrator
Dynamically decompose and orchestrate orders across the revenue lifecycle.

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