Abandoned Cart Emails: Your Best Tips, Tricks, and Examples


Unfortunately for retailers, shoppers abandon their online carts more often than they complete the transaction. This may be due to additional costs, such as shipping, or being forced to create an account. However, while abandoned carts are a less positive side of doing business online, it does give marketers the opportunity to engage with shoppers through an email campaign.

These campaigns are a series of up to three emails that remind the shopper of what they were interested in, and then give them reasons why completing the purchase is worth it. Nearly three-quarters of marketers believe these campaigns are effective — but only half are currently using them. With this type of email campaign, companies can re-engage consumers, learn more about how to shorten the sales cycle, and upsell or cross-sell to consumers.

Abandoned cart email campaigns are a proven way to increase sales by helping consumers complete their purchases. Use the best practices outlined in the infographic below to create successful campaigns that bring customers back to complete their transactions — and become loyal customers.


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