Easy Ways to Quickly Grow Your Email Subscriber Base

Organically growing your email list is no small feat. In order to attract more subscribers, make sure you offer plenty of opportunities to sign up. For example, use Lookalike Audiences on Facebook to reach people similar to your current subscribers. In Facebook and other favorite social networks, advertise to those who are no longer on your email subscriber list using Marketing Cloud Advertising. Continue expanding your email audience by offering several ways for people to give you their email address. Require an email to register for your app, for a loyalty program, or to download premium content, and allow for mobile opt-ins through text messaging or on your mobile site. When your subscribers know they’ll receive something valuable in return, they’ll be more likely to sign up. Deals, discounts, contests, upgrades, and other incentives are just a few ways to make your email list even more appealing. Learn more about how to grow your email subscriber base in the infographic below.
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