The Inspiring Inbox: Email Best Practices that Encourage Opens and Clicks


With every email campaign you research, create, test, and send, you have to focus on basic email marketing best practices in order to ensure your message has a shot at reaching your audience. Those basics include answering simple questions with complex answers: Who is the email for? Why should the recipient open this email? Those questions and others will guide your campaign.

For example, when you try to answer the question, “Who is this email for?”, this means you have to define your email segments. Take into account demographics, behavioral traits, and more, and use big data and artificial intelligence to personalize segmentation even more. Then, once you’ve answered the “who” question, you move on to the next: “what.” This entails defining and measuring your goals and may involve using heat maps and A/B testing to learn your email’s effectiveness. Follow those two questions with when, where, and why.

Finally, you have to answer “How.” How can your email audience complete the action you want them to take? Answer that question and more with the tips and best practices outlined in the infographic below.


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            The Inspiring Inbox: Email Best Practices that Encourage Opens and Clicks
        Infographic by <a href="">Salesforce</a>

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