Why Marketing Automation Software Is the Rule, Not the Exception

Email marketers know that once a campaign has been ideated, created, and sent, the job is still far from over. It’s time to measure your success and learn from the metrics populating your dashboard.

One of the first metrics you’ll see calculated is your open rate. It will drastically change at first, but once it stabilizes, you’re looking for a rate of roughly 29 percent. While this metric doesn’t truly portray your campaign’s performance and is difficult to accurately measure, it does indicate a likelihood that your email is being read. Alongside your open rate, you’ll see your bounce rate populate. Aim for a bounce rate of two percent or lower, and keep your database clean in order to keep bounces to a minimum.

An important metric for an email campaign is the click-through rate, or CTR. This is a higher quality metric and measures the number of unique clicks in an email divided by the number of emails successfully delivered. While your desired CTR may be lower than most laypeople would expect, successful marketers strive for a CTR of five percent or more.

For more details and statistics about your essential email marketing metrics, check out this infographic.

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