Why Marketing Automation Software Is the Rule, Not the Exception

Software is an important part of most people’s everyday lives. From apps on our phones to computers in our vehicles, many decisions and tasks are being made and completed by software, and this gives people the bandwidth to deal with more pressing issues. Instead of figuring out a different route to work using maps and radio traffic alerts, a driver can check an app, and in seconds make the best decision based off constantly updated data.
Marketing automation software is another piece of that puzzle, yet many companies are not yet using it to its most helpful extent. It’s not meant to take the place of marketers, but helps you automate marketing and sales engagement in order to let marketers handle more pressing issues. It helps marketers create better email campaigns, social media posts, content, and digital marketing. It makes it possible to create personalized, meaningful customer journeys. Most companies have a variety of goals for their marketing automation software, with the top two being increasing sales revenue (57 percent) and increasing lead generation (56 percent). Find out more about marketing automation software, and why companies must use it, in the infographic below.

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