3 Key Tips for Optimizing Your Landing Page for Lead Generation


The most common type of webpage for a B2B business is most often the landing page, as marketing campaigns call for individualized landing pages in order to be as effective as possible. At their core, landing pages are created to help consumers take a defined action; in analytics, this is called converting. For the average marketer, this is common knowledge; what may cause confusion, however, is the best way to optimize your landing pages to generate more leads.

One important step is to be aware of your “attention ratio” on the page. Your goal is to have the ratio as low as possible so your call to action stands out. Next is to give your offer, and the visitor’s actions, a sense of urgency. One marketing agency saw their conversion rate increase almost 7% when they used a fine-tuned sense of urgency on their landing page. Finally, leave no room for confusion and clearly state the value of what your visitor will receive by converting.

Landing pages are a crucial part of the B2B marketing process, and with A/B testing and attention to detail, they can help your business drive lead generation. You can learn more in the infographic below about landing page optimization.

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