Improve Your Marketing Foresight with Predictive Analytics


If the past has taught us anything, it’s that there’s no sure way to foresee the future. Unexpected things can — and generally do — happen. Trends appear suddenly and disappear just as quickly. Abrupt changes to established systems force us to adapt. Minor problems become major issues with little or no warning at all. Prognosticators aside, most of us have to live our lives in the present, preparing as best we can for whatever might come our way.

Unfortunately, this is no way to conduct business.

Businesses rely on their ability to anticipate the market. Those that are able to do so accurately find success. However, this is often easier said than done. National and international economies, changing laws, issues with supply lines, and even the weather (you might be surprised how many businesses have gone under as a result of hurricanes) can come out of nowhere to throw your entire organization on its head. Customers might be the most influential — and difficult-to-predict — factor of them all.

Predictive analytics marketing aims to change all of that.

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What is predictive marketing analytics?

Classically, marketing takes advantage of historical data to deliver the right customer messaging at the right time. This is an effective, proven method of identifying patterns. However, historical data has its limitations. For one thing, results based on historical data have limited accuracy. For another, it can be difficult to overcome analyst bias when dealing with historical data. Predictive technology solves these issues while offering a number of other advantages.

Predictive marketing, of course, also takes advantage of historical data. The difference is that it takes into account significantly more data than traditional analysis. Simply put, predictive analytics for marketing uses big-data science to bring together potentially billions of data points — from customers, the market, businesses, and so on — to produce dependable, actionable marketing forecasts. Organizations can then use that information to direct customer interactions and marketing campaigns.

Automated predictive marketing technology is capable of performing a variety of data-gathering and analytics tasks completely on its own, effectively eliminating bias and delivering detailed projections users can trust. How effective is predictive marketing? Research shows that high-performing marketing teams are more than 10 times as likely to extensively use predictive intelligence than underperforming teams. This is because using predictive analytics in marketing empowers businesses to connect with their customers.

Understand your customers.

As your customers move across various channels, they leave behind data. Every item viewed in an online store, every visit to your website, every contact made with company representatives — all of it generates valuable customer data that analytics programs can use to develop accurate customer profiles. Your business can then use these profiles to better understand your customers, not as faceless statistics and numbers, but as individuals.

What kind of products or services are they most interested in? When are they most likely to make a purchase? What concerns or problems have they experienced in the past? Understanding these factors means better targeted marketing efforts. Instead of casting a wide, untargeted net, you can give individual clients exactly what they’re looking for.

Predictive marketing solutions make it possible to deliver the right content to your clients no matter who they are, and no matter how many you have. For example, top marketing teams are 4.2 times more likely than underperformers to leverage predictive intelligence or data science to create personalized emails. Predictive email campaigns use customer data to create personalized email messaging that gets your message heard, rather than sent to the spam folder.

Additionally, predictive marketing can extend to mobile apps as well, which, given that the last decade has seen 98% growth in mobile and 110% growth in SMS usage, is a channel no business should overlook.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can benefit from predictive modeling in marketing. Small businesses can better understand their core clients, while also freeing up employees from time-consuming analytics tasks. Large companies can provide personalized marketing to thousands of customers at once. B2C and B2B businesses can all develop closer relationships with their clients, whether they represent corporations or individual shoppers.

No matter who you are, no matter who your clients are, predictive marketing can help you reach them. Finding the right predictive marketing software is the first step.

Marketing Cloud builds client relationships.

Juggling the massive amounts of relevant data is no simple feat, which is why the best predictive marketing platform is built on the most respected customer relationship management (CRM) system in the world. Marketing Cloud takes the reliability, security, and power of the award-winning Salesforce CRM platform and combines them with predictive modeling. The end result is a solution that automatically tailors your content to match your clients.

To do this, Marketing Cloud relies on advanced artificial intelligence, in the form of Salesforce Einstein. Salesforce Einstein acts as your company’s personal data scientist. It gathers data, learns as it goes, and can even perform various tasks autonomously. However, unlike a data scientist, its data analysis capacities are virtually limitless. With Einstein, you can discover customer insights, see recommendations for next steps, and predict outcomes with a high degree of accuracy. Einstein is at the heart of Salesforce predictive marketing.

Likewise, Marketing Cloud includes the Salesforce Personalization Builder. Personalization Builder incorporates Einstein’s predictive analytics capabilities to create 1-to-1 customer interactions across email, mobile apps, and websites. Work with your customers to deliver marketing that does more than just invite. Inspire them with targeted content based on their own behavior, and you’ll never have to worry about how to connect with your customers.

Salesforce predictive marketing analytics gathers more data, forecasts more accurately, and helps you build stronger customer relationships than any other solution.

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Look to the future.

Seeing into the future may not be possible, but with Marketing Cloud and predictive marketing, you can do the next best thing. Marketing Cloud gives you the insight to create effective marketing content delivered across every channel. Personally connect with your customers, and they’ll support your brand for years to come.

Top teams are 3.6 times more likely to strongly agree that predictive intelligence and data science are important to their overall marketing strategy. Turn your marketing team into a success story, and turn your attention toward the future. Predictive marketing analytics with Salesforce lets you see what’s going to happen before it happens — and in marketing, a little foresight goes a long way.

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