6 Places to Promote Your Mobile Marketing Program


Your customers don’t leave home without their mobile devices. Yet mobile is still a relatively young marketing channel. How can you step up your game to gain more mobile customers and interactions? Promote your mobile marketing program through other channels. You’ve invested resources to improve your mobile presence—whether with a responsive website, mobile-optimized email, SMS capabilities, or mobile app. How can you take every opportunity to connect with new customers via mobile marketing?

  1. In the inbox. Create a targeted email campaign to customers viewing on a mobile device. Offer an incentive to download your app, visit your mCommerce site, or sign up for your SMS program.

  2. In the store. Offer exclusive text-in deals via in-store opportunities with signage and point-of-sale receipts.

  3. On your website. Add a pop-up to your website (when viewed on a mobile device) that promotes your app. Ask customers to text in to get an SMS message with an easy link to your app.

  4. On social networks. Do your fans and followers even know you have an app or SMS offers? Use social channels to promote mobile. Make sure your Facebook pages are mobile optimized for easy viewing, especially since Facebook is the world’s most downloaded app.

  5. On a smartphone. Already have SMS permission? Send an outbound message with an incentive (e.g., “Free shipping this weekend only”) and a direct link to the download page in the app store.

  6. In the mail. Take advantage of traditional communication methods by including mobile calls-to-action on an invoice, statement, packaging, or direct mail piece.
Build and automate personalized mobile interactions including SMS marketing, push notifications, and group messaging.
See how your brand can become as much a part of your customers’ daily lives as the handheld devices they carry.

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