Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform

Personalize every moment with a single source of truth.


Use more intelligent, actionable, and trusted data.

Automatically collect and unify all customer data to create a single source of truth and personalize every moment.


Understand your customer.

Bring your data under one roof and reconcile identities to create unified customer profiles and identify target audiences.

Activate data across every channel.

Build and manage audiences and activate data through any advertising, messaging, or engagement platform at a 1-to-1 level.

Match customers to engagement behavior.

Enrich customer profiles with in-depth insights, and connect to analytics tools to optimize engagement.

Power every step of the customer journey with unified data.


Connect your data across the Customer 360 platform and beyond.

Ingest and harmonize data from across the enterprise, including attributes from Salesforce CRM, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, Service Cloud, Mulesoft, and more.

Manage your customer data more easily.

Use clicks, not code, to efficiently manage all your segmentation and targeting efforts from one central, user-friendly interface.

Connect data to an ecosystem of partners.

Access over 7,000 no-code and low-code apps to help you extend the power of your CDP and enable new use cases such as privacy-safe advertising using first-party data in the cookieless future.

What our customers want is more relevance. They don’t want to get the same thing as everyone else. They want relevant promotions and personalized messages that speak to them.”

Art Sebastian, VP, Digital Experience, Casey’s

Top brands are making interactions smarter, easier, and more efficient.


Understand every customer with a single source of truth.


Leave no data behind.

Collect and unify data from anywhere with scalable data ingestion services, plus the power of MuleSoft’s industry-leading APIs.

Match data to a person.

Resolve customer identities using flexible matching rules and AI to enrich profiles across any device.

Deliver true 1-to-1 personalization.

Activate your data across your engagement platforms for 1-to-1 personalized messaging and experiences.

Engage customers with trust.

Track consent and preference management when building segments and activating data.

Make your data smarter.

With Calculated Insights, add modeled data like propensity and LTV metrics to enrich your audience segments.

Increase your Marketing ROI.

Share with analytics tools like Marketing Cloud Intelligence and Tableau to continuously optimize your marketing.

Experience a customer data platform built for your needs.


Treat your data better when it’s all together.

Build a single source of truth for patient or healthcare provider data to inform cohesive experiences across every touchpoint. With a single, user-friendly interface, marketers can unify data, segment customers, and power campaigns for commercial launch, virtual selling, education, patient support, and more.

Understand your shoppers from a single source of truth.

Deepen your knowledge of customers by combining commerce, loyalty, and consumer data into a single view to identify key audiences. Increase frequency of purchase through 1-to-1 personalized communications, recommendations, and promotions on customers’ preferred channels.

Deepen relationships with your clients and customers.

Strengthen relationships across accounts and provide proactive service at scale by connecting enterprise data and enriching it with analytics and insights. Create a single, unified view of your clients and customers, and deliver personalized and compliant customer engagement across channels.

Understand the state of customer data and industry solutions today.



Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform Pricing

Capture, unify, segment, and activate all your data with a single source of truth for every customer.
* All per month products require an annual contract.

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