Meet Interaction Studio.

Make 1-to-1 engagement a reality — across all touchpoints. Deliver truly relevant customer experiences with Salesforce's leading real-time personalization and interaction management solution.

Inspire instant engagement.

See how real-time interactions can increase conversions, onboard customers, improve customer service, create brand advocates, and boost lifetime value.

Individual insights

Understand each customer's hopes and dreams.


Know your customer's next move.

Monitor digital behavior including active and inactive time – not just clicks – and combine with email and offline behavior to gain an understanding of each person’s true interests, affinities, and intent.

Understand business context.

Automatically catalog all products and content – plus all associated metadata – to power machine-learning recommendations. Capture referring source, geo-location, weather, company, industry, and more.

Recognize your customers.

Match anonymous and known users to named profiles, tailor customer identity matching policies, and build more accurate customer records.

Round out the picture.

Bring in attribute and transaction data from any source using connectors, ETL, or API and JavaScript integrations. Also, get actionable data directly from your customers via personalized surveys.


See Interaction Studio in action.

Learn how real-time personalization can help your business.

AI-driven optimization

Improve every campaign as it runs.


Make the best decision, automatically.

Use powerful real-time segmentation and sophisticated AI to determine and deliver contextually relevant experiences that inspire customers to take action.

Recommend products and content for each customer.

Use the power of Einstein to recommend the most relevant products, content, categories, and more based on each customer's unique characteristics and preferences.

Guide customers where they want to go.

Present each customer with the next best action or offer. And with Einstein, you can align your customer's ideal next step with its value to your business.

Control the process.

Customize, tune, and manage the algorithms powering your personalization strategies with our marketer-friendly approach to AI. And apply your own business rules to govern the process.

Hear customer insights straight from the customer.


Cross-channel engagement

Connect your customer's online and offline moments.


Meet your customer where they are.

Guide the customer along the most appropriate path, triggering interactions where they are or in the channel they prefer, including owned, social, and paid media.

Go mobile.

Track customer behavior and trigger personalized messages, recommendations, and offers inside your mobile app or out to other channels.

Bridge digital and offline experiences.

Connect online experiences with offline ones, such as interactions with call center agents and in-store/in-branch associates, or at kiosks and ATMs.

Unify your messaging.

Provide customers with a connected experience with consistent, relevant, and timely communications across channels.



Testing and analysis

Know what hits home — and what doesn't.


Compare and optimize experiences.

A/B test algorithms and experiences delivered on the web, in-app, or on any channel to ensure optimal — and statistically significant — results. Maximize conversions, clickthroughs, revenues, and more.

Track against business-wide goals.

Define key metrics and goals for your campaigns such as increased sign-ups, purchases, downloads, and more. Then, analyze your results to ensure an improvement in one area doesn't negatively impact others.

Segment your audiences.

Easily define segments using any user data in the system. Compare engagement levels between audiences, and analyze segment membership trends and campaign performance over time.

Use your data to look ahead.

Slice and dice all of the rich data collected in Interaction Studio in a data warehouse environment, or apply machine learning models and simulations using our data science workbench.

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