Marketing Cloud Engagement

Connect every cross-channel moment — efficiently and at scale.

Say hello to Einstein GPT.

Drive productivity and grow accounts.

See how Einstein GPT combines generative AI models with real-time CRM data to deliver personalized content across every customer interaction.

Engage customers efficiently with automation and intelligence.


Deliver real-time customer journeys.

Automate intelligent customer experiences by creating smart cross-channel experiences, optimizing channel selection, and personalizing each moment.

Engage customers with email and mobile.

Engage in conversational messaging at scale, and create connected moments that are relevant to each customer.

Improve ROI with intelligent insights.

Increase conversion with embedded AI and analytics to locate the perfect send time, send frequency, and content for each audience member.

Reduce costs with targeted advertising.

Activate first-party data to understand purchase intent, improve return on ad spend, and acquire new customers.

Make marketing engagement effective and easy.


Create seamless customer journeys.

Win new customers and engage current ones with relevant, connected customer journeys.

Engage in the inbox and win subscribers.

Build and automate email campaigns that integrate transactional and promotional messages.

Drive connection with mobile messaging.

Send relevant content on the customer’s preferred channel and device.

Reduce costs with highly targeted advertising.

Activate first-party data to suppress current customers and personalize advertising across channels.

Automate conversational messaging.

Connect marketing, commerce, and service interactions all on one messaging platform with Whatsapp to address every customer’s unique needs.

Maximize ROI all in one place.

Get a single view of campaign performance with pre-built dashboards to optimize journeys.

Esquire Bank makes marketing more efficient with intelligent content at scale.


After adopting Salesforce Marketing Cloud and using it to hyper-target our audience, we are able to reduce the waste of our current marketing budget and become more efficient with spending on initiatives that deliver better results.

Kyall Mai

SVP & Chief Innovation Officer at Esquire

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Customers saw 60% higher conversion rates. Here's how.

In this commissioned TEI study from Forrester Consulting, learn how Marketing Cloud Engagement helps brands deliver success now. Learn how Marketing Cloud achieved a 60% lift in email conversion rates and a 35% increase in average order value.

Turn engagement into a main event.

Reach new audiences and gain subscribers with intelligent, data-driven marketing. Deliver compelling content to drive consumption — from announcements to recommendations and beyond. Increase productivity by automating campaigns at scale across platforms.

Personalize your customer’s experience at every step of their financial journey.

Engage across the entire customer, client, or member lifecycle in real time with personalized multichannel journeys. Personalize journeys using data that captures those important moments like about buying a first home, to individual investments or even the right insurance policies.

Keep a pulse on your customers and patients.

Build trusted Patient, Member and Healthcare Provider (HCP) relationships with every moment in their digital journey across your organization. Engage with personalized relevant communications on the right channel in real time and optimize campaigns over time to meet their needs.

Develop lasting customer relationships at every step.

Today’s consumers now require deeper understanding, more self-service tools, and consistent, personalized interactions at every touch point of your business. By delivering digital-first HCP and direct-to-consumer journeys across their consumers’ preferred devices and channels, you can build trusted relationships.

Deliver state-of-the-art marketing in the right moment.

Grow your sales pipeline. Engage prospects and existing customers with personalized messaging at every touchpoint. With advanced analytics, actionable insights, and AI, you can optimize campaigns to deliver relevant content at the right moment in the buying process.

Assemble engaging customer journeys.

Build stronger, more meaningful customer relationships. Deliver personalized, digital-first touch points along every moment in the customer, dealer, partner, and distributor journey. Engage customers and cultivate leads with relevant messaging, on the right medium, at the right time, and with the right frequency for things like service updates, order changes, new offers, and more.

Acquire and engage loyal customers.

As customers move into more digital channels, brands must harness a single view of their customers to consistently deliver cohesive, personalized experiences — creating moments that matter.

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