Gain marketing insights. Drive smarter engagement.

Salesforce can help you gain access to advanced marketing solutions from Google Marketing Platform. See why that’s a match made in marketing heaven.

See the Analytics 360 and Marketing Cloud partnership in action.

Discover new ways to drive smarter engagement with Google and Salesforce.

Gain deeper audience insights

Turn insights into action with Google Analytics 360.


Understand your customers.

See how your site and app users engage with your content, and learn what’s working and what’s not.

Access new insights.

You can use the built-in connection to Google Cloud and Google’s machine learning capabilities to access powerful tools for identifying insights.

Drive marketing results.

With deep connections to Google’s advertising and publisher products, Analytics 360 helps you drive better marketing performance.

Enjoy data that works for you.

Conduct deep analysis quickly with an easy-to-use interface and enable collaboration with shareable reports.

Get the essential marketing guide for customer journeys.

See everything Salesforce has to help marketers create stronger customer relationships.

Tag with ease

Get reliable and simple tag management that works with your existing system with Tag Manager 360.


Measure with ease.

Quickly add and update your tags to measure conversions, site analytics, and more — without touching your site code.

Integrate seamlessly.

Tag Manager 360 supports and integrates with all Google and third-party tags.

Have confidence in tagging.

Tag Manager 360 ensures that all your tags work with speedy tag loading, error checking, and security features.

Collaborate across teams.

With unlimited workspaces, refined access controls, and multi-environment testing, your marketing and IT teams can more efficiently work together.

Deliver with the #1 email marketing solution.

Discover why users are more satisfied using Salesforce email — and how to make the switch in four simple steps.

Personalize web experiences

Test, adapt, and personalize with Optimize 360.


Take action on your insights.

Optimize 360 is natively integrated with Analytics 360, so you can run tests and personalize experiences based on insights.

Test with ease.

Learn what content works best by running tests — A/B, multivariate, or redirect – across your entire site.

Build personalized experiences.

All your customers are unique. Customize your site for each type of audience.

Make website edits quickly.

Drive better site performance by making improvements to your site in minutes.

Acquire more customers.

Convert more visitors into customers by using Optimize on your Google Ads campaigns.

Make epic marketing matches with legendary email.

Trailblazers share tips to bring consumers and brands together in an email series full of marketing heroics.

Combine your solutions

Benefit from a deep integration between Salesforce and Google products.


Authenticate in minutes.

Quickly authenticate your Marketing Cloud and Analytics 360 accounts, increasing your efficiency.

View insights in a single, customizable dashboard.

Directly in Journey Builder, see how engagement with your messages shapes the web and mobile experience — and see which channels drive the most action.

Personalize interactions using cross-channel data.

Trigger a customer journey in Marketing Cloud using audiences built in Analytics 360 to drive better experiences and inspire engagement.

See how specific channels are driving results.

Use Data-Driven Attribution in Analytics 360 to see how email and mobile are contributing to revenue increases.

Start learning about customer journeys.

Get the resources to build seamless, personalized customer journeys that travel through every touchpoint with your brand.

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Discover the power of data-driven marketing.





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