Connect data across multiple sources and devices to gain a unified view of the customer. Capture and activate first-, second-, and third-party data to know your customer, and drive growth by reaching new audience segments.
Leverage data and Einstein to orchestrate every interaction with the power of AI. Listen, interpret, and respond to customer intent, and deliver personalized communications in a trusted way.
Create two-way, real-time engagement from awareness to advocacy. Dynamically deliver the next best action for each individual at scale.
Measure end-to-end marketing effectiveness across all digital channels and devices leveraging AI and an exclusive partnership with Google Analytics 360. Then, take action on those insights and deliver data-driven, personalized experiences across every stage of a customer's relationship with your brand.
Whether your customer is a business or a consumer, use one world-class digital marketing platform to unify data sources, personalize on every channel, engage in any stage of their relationship with your brand, and measure the performance of every campaign.
Connect corporate marketing with your local partner networks to ensure brand alignment.
Build 1-to-1 customer journeys across all channels and departments.
Build personalized email campaigns with the world’s #1 email marketing platform.
Capture and activate data from any source on a unified data management platform (DMP).
Personalize mobile interactions including SMS, push notifications, and chat messaging.
Listen, publish, and engage with your customers across social media channels.
Target 1-to-1 advertising using your CRM data to acquire and re-engage customers.
Use one platform for all your marketing data, investments, KPIs, and decisions.
Visualize, track, and manage realtime customer experiences — driving valuable engagement at the right moment, just the way your audience prefers.
Power your marketing with data from the world’s most trusted premium data ecosystem.
Get the most from your marketing insights while driving smarter engagement.
Unite marketing and sales on a single platform for B2B marketing automation.


Consumers and business buyers who say companies need cutting-edge digital experiences to keep their businesses

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