Marketing Analytics

Drive business growth with data — and start with marketing.

Connect, analyze, and take action on your data with one single source of truth for marketing performance.


Why Salesforce?

The world’s most innovative companies trust their insights and analytics powered by Salesforce. Here’s why.


Understand marketing performance.

Bring all your marketing data onto a unified platform for a single view of marketing spend, performance, and impact.

Scale marketing insight.

Use AI and machine learning to scale your understanding of marketing data across all every channel.

Optimize for growth.

With AI-driven, cross-channel insights, you can tailor all your marketing efforts toward revenue growth.

With Marketing Cloud Intelligence we have the ability to pull all of our data together, harmonize it, and sort it to visualize against our business objectives. From here we can quickly see if our marketing campaigns are making an impact and pull out actionable insights to drive the business forward.”

Nick Wojdyla | Digital Director, Cummins, Inc.

The Analytics Marketer’s to-do list

You’ve got a long list of jobs to do. We can help.


Deliver automated data prep.

No more drowning in your data. Powerful analytics and AI should handle the busy work — so you can focus on the insights needed to inform your strategy.

Optimize marketing performance for business outcomes.

Use AI to accelerate time to value, and tie revenue growth to marketing efforts. Build a future-proof foundation of marketing data to always be ahead of rapid evolution.

Align marketing teams on unified data.

Integrate marketing, sales, service, IT — and everything — to create seamless customer experiences.


Skill up your marketing analytics on Trailhead.

Learn how to make data-driven decisions and optimize marketing performance.



See what marketing analytics leaders are using to grow relationships and revenue.


Marketing Cloud Intelligence

Tie marketing results to real business outcomes.

Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform

See how a customer data platform can help create incredible customer experiences.

Marketing Cloud Personalization

Discover real-time interaction management and deliver incredible customer experiences.

Google Analytics 360

Drive smarter, more personalized engagement with Salesforce and Google.

Intelligence Reports for Engagement

Fast. Flexible. Easy-to-use. Discover marketing analytics for delivering the perfect messaging experience.

Marketing Analytics resources

Get the resources to make the most of your marketing data.


Customer Story

See how Cummins powers their marketing with real-time reporting and analysis.


Hear how top marketers are getting more from their data with Marketing Cloud Intelligence.


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