Discover how to deliver custom learning to your organization.


Quickly build unique learning experiences.

Make it on brand.

Bring in your brand’s colors and logo to make the experience feel ownable and unique.

Build it to fit your needs.

Start with prebuilt templates or build your own to create journeys that reach your goals.

Help learners retain information.

Build in multiple-choice knowledge checks that help users remember what they learned.

Create content fast.

Leverage pre-built myTrailhead Content Kits and aggregate content from public sources.

Make it fun for learners to skill up anywhere.

Gamify learning.

Motivate learners with in-app points, badges, and ranks.

Make learning contextual.

Prompt learning journeys in Salesforce to drive better engagement, in the flow of work.

Help people learn wherever they are.

Deliver learning on a platform that works on any device.

Use insights to grow your business.

Leverage the Salesforce Platform.

Because myTrailhead runs on Salesforce, you can track learning progress using reports and dashboards and also use your Salesforce data to gauge if the learning is effective.

Iterate quickly to improve outcomes.

myTrailhead makes it easy to quickly change edit journeys, assign reskilling, and increase gamification to help your business get results faster.

Ready to quickly skill up your organization?