Net Zero Marketplace

Net Zero Marketplace

Net Zero Marketplace, powered by Salesforce, is a climate action hub for everyone, and a site where organizations can find and purchase carbon credits from ecopreneurs.*

One climate action hub. Open to all.


Engage everyone in climate action.

Learn about innovative carbon projects and connect with ecopreneurs.

Make carbon credit purchases trusted and transparent.

Get detailed information, clear pricing, and third-party ratings for most projects.

Energize the ecopreneur revolution and scale impact.

Find carbon projects aligned with your organization’s priorities and standards.

Collaboratively manage carbon projects.

Share your portfolio with stakeholders and track your credit data in Net Zero Cloud.

We’re at a moment in the climate emergency in which we need to put everything on the table. Carbon credits are a way to incentivize further emissions reductions by placing a price on carbon and making an impact now, while other climate efforts are also underway.

Christiana Figueres

Former Executive Secretary of the UN Climate Change Convention

Align your carbon project portfolio with your values.


Forestry and Land Use

Renewable Energy

Waste Management



Household and Community



Industrial Manufacturing


Energize the ecopreneur revolution.

Ecopreneurs are environmentally minded entrepreneurs who lead and drive climate action worldwide.

Being an ecopreneur means creating business models designed to deliver on the global targets to secure a safe climate. It’s about making business decisions that ensure communities and ecosystems are given the same weight as profits.

Jo Anderson

Co-Founder and Director, Carbon Tanzania

We bring together leaders in the voluntary carbon market.


Net Zero Marketplace is here.

* Only organizations based in the US will be able to make carbon credit purchases initially, with the goal to soon expand to additional regions.