Net Zero Cloud

Are you prepared for ESG reporting mandates?
Net Zero Cloud can help you comply with CSRD, California regulations, and any new requirements. Net Zero Cloud integrates environmental, social, and governance data and goes deep into carbon, waste, and water for your entire value chain.

Drive sustainable, equitable transformation for all stakeholders.


Manage all ESG data in one place.

Connect with multiple organizations, systems, and suppliers to gather everything you need for ESG reports.

Forecast program-specific progress.

Set program-specific goals, forecast outcomes according to various scenarios and strategies, and track your progress against them.

Automate ESG reporting

Stay abreast of changing reporting mandates with framework-specific report builders and Einstein-generated responses.

Combine robust analytics, advanced AI, and the Salesforce ecosystem to streamline ESG management.


Salesforce Ecosystem

The Net Zero Cloud Collection on AppExchange and other apps, partners, and resources put the full power of Salesforce behind your ESG strategy.

Report Builders for New Regulations

As new mandates come out, Net Zero Cloud will release a corresponding report builder to streamline the reporting process for each new framework or standard.

What-If Analysis and Emissions Forecasting

Simulate scenarios to find your fastest path to net zero. Forecast future emissions and measure progress against net zero goals.

Scope 3 and Supply Chain Management

Collaborate with your suppliers and get a shared view of climate impact.

Net Zero Marketplace

Find and purchase carbon credits and carbon emissions factors data sets through a seamless ecommerce experience.



Water Management

Track your key water management KPIs and calculate intensities and variances.

Manage all your ESG data in one place.

We have everything you need to grow with ESG top of mind.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with colleagues, partners, and suppliers
  • Streamline the flow of data between products, platforms, and companies
  • Automate ESG reporting with Einstein-generated responses

With Salesforce and Net Zero Cloud, we have been able to bring teams and datasets together for collaboration and reporting in a centralized platform with clear visuals and metrics on our progress.

Kristine Santa-Coloma Rohls

Chief Inclusion, Diversity & Equity Officer, Slalom

Being able to visualize data and show it to key decision makers — that’s what enables change to happen. Having visibility into our carbon emissions has been a game changer.

Gabe Wing

Director of Sustainability, MillerKnoll

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