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Align streamlines the way it pays doctors for speaking engagements.


Payment Tracker App

Align Technology, maker of Invisalign, creates an app to automate a manual payment process, ensuring consulting doctors get paid faster.

FROM IDEA TO APP: 2 months



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The Business Challenge

Align Technology, which makes Invisalign, needed a faster, more efficient way to pay doctors it hires as speakers. Align previously used a manual process that began when doctors sent their receipts and paperwork to an Outlook email address. Someone at Align would read the email and create an order in SAP, but there was no workflow or automated follow up. If doctors weren’t aware they needed to submit paperwork via email, or were late in sending it, or left out important information they didn’t know was required, their payment could be delayed by months. In addition to being slow and inefficient, the process resulted in complaints from doctors that they weren’t being paid in a timely manner.

The App Solution

To speed up payments to doctors, a Salesforce admin in Align’s customer advocacy team created Payment Tracker. The app automates the process of gathering information from doctors and initiating payment. Instead of waiting for doctors to submit paperwork, the app notifies the team that a doctor needs to be paid so the team can proactively reach out to request receipts and other documentation. Integration with Outlook lets the team know when doctors have submitted paperwork and reminds the team to follow up. Once complete information has been submitted, a separate process is kicked off to create an order in SAP. As a result, doctors are now paid within 30 days of a speaking engagement.

The doctors we hire are happier because now we are able to comply with our agreement to pay them within 30 days.”

Ivannia Medina Castillo, Salesforce Admin

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