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Boston Scientific expedites price change requests for regional sales reps.


Price Change Request App

By cutting pricing approvals from weeks to minutes, Boston Scientific’s app empowers sales teams to better serve customers and respond to market pressures.


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The app enables salespeople to quickly provide competitive pricing offers and close deals faster.


The Business Challenge

Boston Scientific sales reps in Brazil often need the ability to adjust pricing for customers, perhaps to match a competitor’s prices or recognize a valuable relationship. Sales reps are empowered to offer discounts to customers, provided those adjustments meet the proper approvals. Because the process was based on manually updating spreadsheets and routing requests through multiple steps, teams, and systems, approvals typically took two to three weeks on average.

The App Solution

The new pricing change process, built on the Salesforce Platform, automates the approval process and makes it possible for requests to be approved in just minutes. The app also accounts for different approval levels depending on the size of the discount — automatically routing requests to appropriate managers and sending notifications to the salesperson when the requests have been approved. New prices can be easily tracked in Salesforce to provide management with better oversight.

With clicks and just a little bit of code, we were able to build an app that has transformed our business process in Brazil. And thanks to the scalability of the Salesforce Platform, we will be rolling out this app to Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and other countries across Latin America.”

Susannah St-Germain, Technical Architect

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