ERC’s 1,200 employees collaborate on a unified app to track thousands of patients in seven states, across every level of care.




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As the only national, vertically integrated healthcare system dedicated to treating serious eating and related disorders at any stage of the illness, Eating Recovery Center (ERC) provides a full spectrum of recovery services. As the company grew rapidly from a single 12-bed facility to 25 locations across seven states, its legacy patient-tracking system became an impediment to meeting the mission of providing the very best care for patients. ERC needed a new solution that was scalable, secure, and easy to collaborate on — something that could track patients at every stage of their treatment journey.
Building on the Lightning Platform, ERC condensed 20 spreadsheets, hundreds of weekly emails, and a sluggish SQL system into one app to track patients between facilities, levels of care, and treatment teams. Multidisciplinary treatment teams now collaborate in real time across programs and states to provide a seamless patient experience from intake through every level of care. With all patient data secured in one place, the ERC research team can analyze data trends to make recommendations for optimal treatment outcomes, enabling clinical teams to continuously provide the very best patient care.

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so we can focus on patient intake and our commitment to care.”

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