Eli Lilly gives patients the care they need with a healthcare concierge app.


Patient Connect Platform App

Patients now have on-demand access to personalized support, product education, and more through Eli Lilly’s revolutionary healthcare concierge app.


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Eli Lilly reimagines patient care with personalized experiences on its Patient Connect Platform.


The Business Challenge

In a new era of highly specialized medicine, medications that treat chronic conditions require greater levels of patient support. Healthcare providers traditionally address patient questions through call centers and home visits from nurses. But with many of these services outsourced, Eli Lilly had limited insight into patient data and less control over quality of support.

The App Solution

With its Patient Connect Platform app, Eli Lilly has reimagined patient care. The app helps customers learn to use products, access information about their medications, and record how well they are feeling. The desktop and mobile app also allows patients to consult with a healthcare concierge — a specialist who provides one-on-one support to help patients reach their health outcomes.

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