MS Companies digitizes its time-tracking process via an app built on the Salesforce Platform.


Time-Tracking App

Replacing an inefficient paper-based timesheet process with a streamlined time-tracking app saves thousands of employee hours yearly.




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Time-tracking runs seamlessly on an app for 10,000+ daily employees across 14 states.


The Business Challenge

MS Companies is known for delivering workforce solutions to increase efficiencies. But with over 10,000 daily employees, the company's paper-based time-tracking system was less than efficient. Each day, employees would have to write their time on a piece of paper and hand it to their supervisor, who would take a picture and email it to an intermediary. This person would then organize and scan the submissions over to the corporate office, where a dedicated team of five would enter the information manually into Salesforce for invoicing.

The App Solution

The MS Companies dev team built a time-tracking app that completely digitized the process for its employees and reduced the number of people required to manage it from 15 to just one. The app is accessed through tablets mounted at remote customer facilities, which allows employees to clock in and out with just one click. Supervisors receive notifications through Salesforce and can approve time directly from their mobile phones. Once time is approved, the invoicing process is triggered and run through Salesforce partner app FinancialForce.

After realizing how beneficial building apps on the Salesforce Platform was to our business for better employee engagement and communication, we leveraged our knowledge to help other companies build custom apps.”

Zach Gray, Chief Technology Officer

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