Intranet App

Salesforce replaces a dated employee intranet with a sleek, search-driven experience.


Concierge App

A new mobile friendly intranet app streamlines onboarding, increases employee productivity, reduces case volume, and leads to faster issue resolution.
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Concierge surfaces the information employees need, when they need it.


The Business Challenge

Salesforce's employee intranet had become a drag on productivity, built for a time before mobile devices. Information was created and managed in disparate systems, and employees struggled to even know where to look for what they needed. And when they found the information they were seeking, it was often outdated. Employees had difficulty navigating the clunky help desk interface, and as many as 50% of tickets ended up lost. Salesforce's support system clearly needed an overhaul.

The App Solution

Built using Lightning and Heroku, Concierge combines self-service and help desk functionality into one app, modeled on an experience most people know and love. It uses a predictive, Google-like search with a simple prompt: “How may I help you today?” This approach empowers employees and enables them to quickly find answers within a set of relevant articles. Chat and support tickets are available within the same interface, and employees can view a ticket's progress at a glance.

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