A new mobile app makes it easy for railway passengers to retrieve lost items while protecting station agents who discover unclaimed baggage left behind.

FROM IDEA TO APP: 3 months

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Every day, 10 million people pass through 3,000 stations run by SNCF Gares & Connexions, one of the world’s most sophisticated rail networks. Helping these travelers get to their destinations requires a strong commitment to continuous improvement. But for all its efficiency, SNCF had little knowledge about its huge ridership. This lack of information was especially acute for lost and found. Due to security concerns, lost items were often destroyed before owners could claim them. SNCF knew it needed to reimagine and modernize its lost-and-found system to better serve its customers.
The company put a team of five to the task, and they created the Oboto app in just three months. Now riders can easily report lost belongings, and station agents can see a real-time dashboard of lost-and-found items. A complementary app called e-Tiquette introduced in 2016 further enhances the Oboto app, allowing passengers to register online and generate QR codes to print on luggage tags. By digitizing its lost-and-found system SNCF did more than ensure lost items were reunited with their owners. It was another step in creating a great travel experience for millions of passengers.

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