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Field Sales App

ADP met the needs of field sales with an entire suite of mobile-optimized apps — including digital sales aids, order management, and itinerary planners — on App Cloud. Now reps can find the hottest leads and prospects on their tablets, and even sign contracts from the road.


It's re-imagining work on a mobile device.”

Mike Capone | CIO, CVP Product Development, ADP
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See how ADP uses Salesforce to drive innovation and business productivity like never before.


From banking to insurance, build apps to quote and onboard your new clients faster than ever before. All with App Cloud.

account onboarding app

Delight your customers by making new account enrollment a fast and easy experience — any channel, anytime, any product (one or many).

personal investing community app

Create a private social community to share investing knowledge, insights, and trends affecting personal investment strategies.

first notice of loss app

Respond to insurance claims from anywhere and get customers paid faster than the competiton.

compliance app

Make it simple for your bankers to navigate operational regulations through built-in app rules, disclosures, document enforcing, reporting, and management visibility.

commercial onboarding app

Take the complexity and confusion out of multi-product setup and fulfillment across different teams — turn it into an app that drives speed, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

small business portfolio app

Stay on top of your portfolio of SMB customers; sell, cross-sell and manage exposure, activities, events, and alerts all from a single application.