Non-Profit, Higher Education

Students use AAU's campus app to get personalized information including class schedules and directions for using university shuttle buses. The app blends class information from Salesforce and a real-time GPS system that shows bus locations so students can find their classes — fast.


Connect with supporters, students, clients, projects, alumni, and communities in a whole new way with these app ideas you can build on App Cloud.


Enable your ecosystem to coordinate the delivery of services and care around your constituents’ needs.


Bring together all your constituents in private social communities to share information, foster connections, and rally around a cause.


Accelerate change by consolidating data, automating workflow, and standardizing processes, all while measuring project performance in real time.


Increase recruitment efficiency by engaging with donors and prospects on social and mobile.


Improve student retention by making it easier to identify at-risk students, offer outstanding service, and collaborate across campus silos.


Establish and grow lifelong relationships to secure your campus’ future through increasing fundraising productivity.