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Inspections App

Critical Systems reduces its fire alarm inspection process from weeks to hours with a mobile app built on App Cloud. The app presents building data, including floor plans, and allows inspectors to view and update reports in real time.


App Cloud transformed our business.”

Bill Van Loan | President and CIO, Critical Systems

From tracking inventory, to inspections and materials planning, here are a few app ideas to help you keep tabs on critical actions and info from the palm of you hand.

inspection app

Log and verify inspections on any mobile device for everything from office space to warehouses to government property.

inventory app

Maximize revenue by managing the day’s stock on hand and giving everyone in the company visibility into all the inventory, wherever it is.

materials planning app

Scope and budget new projects faster than ever and estimate costs more accurately with a planning app linked directly to material costs.

dealer app

From tractors to lawnmowers to cars, connect dealers and service techs to manufacturers and suppliers to help them sell more, faster.

order fulfillment app

Take, manage, and fulfill orders in real time with dashboards and alerts on every device.

warranty app

Track warranty exposures across every product line and catch product defects faster.