Retail App

Clients ranging from consumer packaged goods companies to big box retailers count on Crossmark for a full range of sales and marketing solutions. App Cloud gives Crossmark the speed and precision necessary to support Crossmark’s team of field agents who routinely collect data in stores via mobile devices.


The speed and agility you gain with App Cloud is unprecedented.”

Mike Anderson | Chief Information Officer, Crossmark

With a reputation for leading in technology, CROSSMARK has represented consumer goods companies in retail for more than 100 years. See how CROSSMARK continues to innovate with speed and agility with apps built on Salesforce App Cloud.


Want to connect store employees to customers? Looking for an easier way to stay up on inventory? Here are just a few things App Cloud can help you create.


Help managers track associates, events, and activities, and stay connected to HQ and to other store managers.


Access, share, and collaborate around all of your marketing content in one place; bring third parties and agencies into the conversation in secure private groups.


Give associates and managers a complete catalog of product information, with inventory location and availability.


Help reps manage wholesale-retail relationships — everything from sales performance to in-store display.


Streamline supplier relationships, everything from recruiting and onboarding new vendors to getting more out of existing ones.


Create a community for your most loyal consumers to stay connected to new styles, sales, and promotions outside the store.