Mobile Social Intranet

Virgin America uses a mobile social intranet to deliver critical business information to its teammates, keeping them connected and engaged wherever they are.


Salesforce will put us well above where our competitors are. It's an integral part of our future.”

David Cush | CEO, Virgin America

Here are just a few things App Cloud can help you build in the travel and hospitality industries.


Empower your entire organization to collaborate and swarm every case.


Match public and private employees in a social community to deliver new share travel tips, promotions, and more.


Track guest requests. Share preferences so returning patrons are always greeted with what they expect. And more.


Dynamically create and price custom vacations or business trips for customers, on the fly.


Build an app that instantly alerts customers to new deals on flights, cars, and other travel-related offers.


Enable customers to make reservations at a restaurant, spa, or club from any city corner, or any corner of the globe.