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Announcing: Flow Orchestrator

Automate anything using AI-infused bots and flows.

Help customers reach their goals faster and set up employees for success. Our upcoming product Flow Orchestrator will make it possible to automate multiuser processes with modern workflows and intelligence.

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MuleSoft Composer

Integrate your data across any system.

If you want to build seamless customer and employee experiences, you’ll need a simple way to connect your apps and data. MuleSoft Composer will make it easy to use clicks, not code, to bring data from Salesforce and third-party systems together. And you can automate these integrations to boost productivity. Sweet.

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Salesforce Industries

Create smart automated processes for your industry.

Every industry has unique needs. That’s why Salesforce Industries has created industry-specific products and a library of over 700 best practices to help you build relevant and compelling experiences for your customers and employees.


Automate faster with prebuilt solutions.

If you’re ready to start automating, you don’t have to begin with a blank slate. Click on over to AppExchange to discover ready-to-install partner solutions including templates, robotic process automations, and building blocks for flow automation. You’ll be glad you did.

Using Salesforce's automation solutions, we've dramatically cut down the time needed to go digital, allowing us to deliver better customer experiences.”

Marc Lallemand | CIO, Engie Belgium

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