Einstein Automate

Build fully integrated end-to-end automation for the Salesforce Customer 360.


Salesforce Flow & Slack

When work flows, innovation grows.

Together, Salesforce Flow’s power to build, manage, and run automated workflows combined with Slack are reinventing the way we work. Low-code tools? Check. Better collaboration? Check. Increased productivity from anywhere? Checkmate.

Announcing: Mulesoft RPA

Automate high-volume, manual tasks.

Empower your employees to do more of what matters by automating business processes easily without needing specialized development skills.

  • Replace repetitive tasks with pre-recorded actions
  • Extract information from structured documents
  • Share and reuse automation securely

With MuleSoft Robotic Process Automation, Salesforce admins and developers can build custom, end-to-end workflows that automate routine tasks and make employees more productive.


Flow Orchestrator | Beta

Unify multi-user, multi-step workflows.

Supercharge productivity and streamline complex business processes by coordinating collections of guided experiences and backend actions for a seamless workflow across users and departments.

Using Salesforce's automation solutions, we've dramatically cut down the time needed to go digital, allowing us to deliver better customer experiences.”

Marc Lallemand | CIO, Engie Belgium

Mulesoft Composer for Salesforce

Integrate your data across any system.

If you want to build seamless customer and employee experiences, you’ll need a simple way to connect your apps and data. MuleSoft Composer for Salesforce makes it easy to use clicks, not code, to bring data from Salesforce and third-party systems together. And you can automate these integrations to boost productivity. Sweet. Need a more customizable integration solution? Build extensible integrations across systems with MuleSoft Anypoint—all with a single platform for APIs and integrations.

Einstein Document Reader | Pilot

Extract valuable information from documents and put it to work.

Create custom, intelligent workflows that bring structured data from many common physical forms into Salesforce.

Digital Process Automation

Create digital customer experiences for your industry.

Digital Process Automation is a simplified, industry automation solution enabling IT to rapidly deliver integrated customer experiences using declarative tools. Leverage the industry cloud data models to get automated solutions to market faster.


Extend with prebuilt automation solutions.

If you’re ready to start automating, you don’t have to begin with a blank slate. Click on over to AppExchange to discover ready-to-install partner solutions including templates, robotic process automations, and building blocks for flow automation. You’ll be glad you did.

Ready to streamline workflows and increase productivity?

Find out how you can build fully integrated end-to-end workflow automation with Einstein Automate.