Salesforce Functions

Deliver Scalable and Connected Experiences Fast


More Compute, Higher Performance

Connect. Create. Scale. Secure.

Build complex business logic or compute-intensive activity on Salesforce Platform. Bring your innovation and logic to Salesforce data without going off the Salesforce Platform and feel free to leave VPNs, security tokens, Cloud IAM, and DIY complexity behind. With Salesforce Functions, you can deliver compute heavy workloads in minutes with the security and compliance you already trust Salesforce to provide.

Bring Elastic scale to Low Code

Enrich low code experiences with auto-scaling Functions.

Boost business agility with on-demand, bring code and low-code capabilities together. Meet all customer needs at any scale with auto-scaling and elastic compute. Now you can deliver unique, experiences with ease—in real time.

Function's elastic capabilities enable us to scale without impacting current users' transactions and without impacting other users who are viewing or creating opportunities.”

Anil Sistla | Platform Lead Schneider Electric

Empower Teams

Flex innovation across a wide variety of languages.

Work smarter, not harder. Salesforce Functions is a new Salesforce Elastic service that allows developers to use popular languages and tools like JAVA, Typescript, node.js/Javascript — and their prepackaged libraries with Salesforce data — on a fully provisioned and pre-authenticated platform. Deliver innovation faster, and more seamlessly, than ever with CLI unification, VS code, and tools like flow and LWC via Apex.

By using Salesforce, we are now working with one integrated platform for managing customer relationships and automating our internal process, allowing us to increase the speed of our new innovations to continue advancing our customer experiences, ultimately redefining the future of the car buying process.”

Shamim Mohammad | EVP, Chief Information and Technology Officer, CarMax

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Learn how Functions can extend the Salesforce Platform with elastic scale. Raise performance while enabling Salesforce developers to deliver entirely new experiences.