Salesforce Feedback Management

Improve customer experiences through superior service.


Deliver powerful customer service experiences that drive growth by capturing contextual feedback with the world’s #1 CRM.


Enhance the world’s #1 customer service software with feedback data.

Unify your feedback data with Salesforce data by mapping survey responses back to any Salesforce object. Resolve customer issues by automatically triggering follow-ups with the appropriate person or team based on a single response. Create personalized survey experiences by merging Salesforce data such as a case number or service rep’s name directly into your survey questions.

Track CSAT or NPS across lifecycles.

Create Lifecycle Maps to account for different types of customer journeys. Customize each journey by identifying key stages of interaction where feedback is most valuable, and align specific surveys to those moments of interaction.

Instant feedback ensures accurate results.

Meet your customers where they are by surveying them immediately after service interactions to ensure you are gathering accurate feedback. With Salesforce Feedback Management, you can survey customers across various channels including: email, post-chat, SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, third-party websites, and in-app.

Gain deeper insights with rich analytics powered by Tableau CRM.

Monitor CSAT and NPS to track changes over time, and who your passives and detractors are. See trends across your predefined journeys and stages in Customer Lifecycle Maps. Analyze how different parts of your business are performing based on trending topics. Know when to edit and update surveys based on response and engagement rates.

Salesforce Surveys

Deliver great service and deepen relationships with contextual feedback.


Design flexible, meaningful surveys right in Salesforce.

Create surveys that look and feel like your brand right in Salesforce. Various question types help you get the information you need, including powerful metrics like CSAT and NPS.

Send surveys at the optimal points of interaction.

Automate feedback by embedding survey sends after service interactions. Create one-click response surveys that can be embedded directly in emails to increase response rates.

Enrich the view of the customer.

Personalize survey journeys with advanced logic to drill down into specific topics. Leverage branching logic to only ask questions that are applicable to the survey taker.

Analyze survey data in context.

Real-time results populate directly in Salesforce for quick and easy analysis. Leverage feedback insights in reports and dashboards to understand feedback data in context of everything else you know about your customers.

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The Top 5 Best Practices of Closing the Customer Feedback Loop, 2019.

Learn the five best practices that help CX pros chart their path to a formal process for closing the customer feedback loop.


Gain valuable insights with Customer Lifecycle Analytics.

Glean more value from your Salesforce Surveys responses with AI-powered analytics and get visibility into trends as well as the ability to surface key metrics and intelligent recommendations right within your agents’ workflow.


Improve experiences with Salesforce Feedback Management.

Deliver great service by automating feedback and gathering contextualized insights that improve customer experiences.


Get the right feedback solutions for you.


Survey Response Pack

Deepen relationships with contextual feedback.
$ 300
1,000 Survey Responses

Feedback Management - Starter

Improve customer experiences with unified feedback.
$ 12,000
(billed annually)

Feedback Management - Growth

Automate and analyze feedback at every stage of a customer journey.
$ 42,000
(billed annually)

*This edition requires an annual contract.

Salesforce Surveys is included in Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Editions of these core products: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Platform, Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, and Consumer Goods Cloud.

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