Salesforce Scheduler


Manage virtual or in-person appointments from anywhere.

Realize fast ROI by having the ability to adapt scheduling needs and accelerate growth as your business returns to work in the “new normal.”

Simplify appointment scheduling.

Follow the step-by-step guide in our Setup Assistant to configure locations, hours, resources — and set your teams up for successful appointments by designating skills. Make it easy for any resource or customer to schedule, edit, and cancel appointments.

Deliver consistent experiences across channels.

Meet customers where they are and empower them to schedule appointments across a variety of different channels. Streamline the customer experience even further with the Chronos Bot embedded right on your website.

Empower your resources with the #1 CRM.

Deliver efficient, personalized appointments by leveraging all of your customer information already stored right in Salesforce. When different areas of expertise are needed, book multiple resources and assets in a single appointment.

Create and cultivate relationships.

With Inbound Scheduling, empower customers to schedule their own appointments right on your website and create a unique experience with customizable Flows. Use appointments to capture brand-new customers by automatically generating a new lead.

The State of Rhode Island Is a Trailblazer in Testing and Contact Tracing Efforts


Now, when you book an appointment for a test drive online, it triggers a workflow that ensures the car is checked, clean, comfortable, and ready for you to drive.”

Permjit Ghotra, AVP, Head of Customer Shopping & Transactions Technology, CarMax



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Schedule appointments with precision.

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Salesforce Scheduler

$ 25
(billed annually)

Asset Scheduler

$ 15
(billed annually)

Available as add-ons for Enterprise, Unlimited, and Performance Editions of: Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Communities, Financial Services Cloud, Health Cloud, Manufacturing Cloud, and Consumer Goods Cloud.

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