Point. Click. Connect. Integrate your data to build a unified view of the customer.

Salesforce lets you integrate and access data from external sources and multiple Salesforce orgs, using either clicks or code.

Salesforce Connect

Tightly integrate external data sources into your apps, giving employees a unified customer view, on any device. Admins can use point-and-click tools to bring data in or connect data between Salesforce instances, and developers can code simple APEX adapters to connect data from any web service API. You can even seamlessly connect data between your Salesforce instances, no coding required.

External Services Wizard

Easily connect your Salesforce org to the external service of your choice using the External Service Wizard. Just supply some basic information, like the name of the service and its schema endpoint, and then the service will be available in Salesforce. Once connected, you can use drag-and-drop tools to add the service to an app.

Heroku Connect

Heroku Connect automatically synchronizes data between Heroku and your other Salesforce services, including the Lightning Platform. With Heroku Connect, your productivity apps built on Lightning can use services built on Heroku to deliver elasticity, data consolidation, and complex custom app architectures.  

Platform Events and Change Data Capture

Our powerful events engine allows you to publish and subscribe to event streams that can be embedded into workflows inside Salesforce, as well as replicate data changes to downstream systems. Trigger actions like opportunity and case creation, publish events to trigger activities in systems outside of Salesforce, and keep external systems in sync when data in Salesforce changes.


Not yet ready to build your own integration? Find pre-integrated apps on AppExchange. These partner apps offer connections into leading enterprise software systems. With millions of installs and reviews from other customers, you can find the app that matches your business needs best. 

Multiple data sources? No problem.

Learn how Salesforce enables organizations to build a unified view of their customers by uniting external and internal data across applications.

Data Integration from Salesforce