Salesforce Shield

Secure your enterprise.

Salesforce Shield helps you:


Checkmark Monitor app and data use

Checkmark Automate security policies

Checkmark Encrypt sensitive data

Checkmark Run compliance audits

Platform Encryption

Encrypt sensitive data.

Natively encrypt your most sensitive data at rest across all of your Salesforce apps with Platform Encryption.

Checkmark Ensure data confidentiality with AES 256-bit encryption

Checkmark Bring your own encryption keys and manage your key lifecycle

Checkmark Protect sensitive data from all Salesforce users including admins

Checkmark Meet regulatory compliance mandates

Event Monitoring

Monitor, prevent, and mitigate threats to sensitive data.

See who is accessing critical business data, when, and from where with Event Monitoring.

Checkmark Monitor critical events Real time or using Log files

Checkmark Prevent data loss with Transaction Security Policies

Checkmark Detect insider threats and report anomalies

Checkmark Audit user behavior and measure custom application performance


Field Audit Trail

Know the state and value of your data.

Create a forensic data-level audit trail with up to 10 years of history, and set triggers for when data is deleted.

Checkmark Expand tracking capabilities for Standard and Custom objects

Checkmark Obtain extended data retention capabilities for audit, analysis or machine learning

Checkmark Meet compliance requirements with automated archiving

Checkmark Manage large data volumes using Async SOQL APIs


Introducing Einstein Data Detect

Find sensitive data. Then, protect it.

Locate sensitive data — like credit card numbers or social security numbers — so you can take the right steps to protect it.

Checkmark Discover sensitive data and see what Salesforce record it’s in

Checkmark Categorize data and label Salesforce fields based on sensitivity

Checkmark Pair with other products to keep data compliant and secure


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