Salesforce IoT Cloud isn’t just about connecting devices, it’s about connecting you to your customers across every connected device. And nobody does that better than Salesforce — building deeper relationships by providing reliable performance, proactive support, and helpful new services.
IoT is changing the way businesses connect with their customers. Here are a few of the ways IoT Cloud puts your customer at the center of your IoT strategy.
Spot real business opportunities based on actual users and usage. Link IoT device data with customer context to create more engaging experiences across all of your connected products.
Create your own IoT programs using our intuitive UI based on business logic, not code. Easily set up IoT orchestrations, test engagement models, and iterate quickly.
Sell, service, and market to your customers with more insight and relevance. Get the whole picture by connecting all your IoT data across all of Salesforce.
For an in-depth look into putting your customers at the core of your IoT strategy, download our e-book.