The Salesforce Platform gives you the power to deliver a unified view of the customer through robust APIs and managed services that let you integrate back-office data systems with your apps and communities.
Salesforce offers a rich set of APIs and declarative integration tools that allow you to manage data from multiple sources in any way you choose.
Connect and access data from external sources and other Salesforce orgs with point-and-click simplicity. Incorporate data from other departments on Salesforce or legacy systems (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, you name it) in real time as Salesforce objects. Dramatically reduce integration time to unlock and modernize back-office systems.
Easily sync data between your Heroku customer apps and your Lightning employee apps with Heroku Connect. Loyalty apps, buying experience apps, marketing campaign apps, and Internet of Things apps are among the many use cases where Heroku Connect delivers the customer experience you want, with all of the data going back to your employee-facing applications.
Build business processes that coordinate real-time activity across all your processes and apps.
Our powerful events engine allows you to publish and subscribe to event streams that can be embedded into workflows inside Salesforce. Trigger actions like opportunity and case creation or publish events to trigger activities in a system outside of Salesforce.
Designed API-first, the Salesforce Platform lets you build more innovative apps, faster. Data-level APIs allow for integration with third-party and back-office systems. Additional APIs for UI templates, customer data, system metadata, and more allow you to deliver connected apps.

Our APIs let you connect to multiple platforms so you can unlock your back office (SAP, Oracle, and others), as well as connect to data from anything, like other applications, products, devices, and even wearable technology.
Building apps is only one part of the Salesforce Platform. You can also get preintegrated apps on AppExchange. With free apps to get you started or full-blown, enterprise-grade apps, you’ll find solutions for every department and industry. And with millions of installs and reviews from other customers, you can find the app that matches your business needs the best.
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