App Development

Build, test, and deploy your Customer 360 – 68% faster.

Develop apps more efficiently.


Create without compromise.

Build faster and automate. Scale on demand through open tools languages, and libraries.

Unlock developer productivity.

Use the tools and tech you prefer to develop around customer data.

Ship with speed.

Manage change and release with modern, collaborative DevOps and secure test environments.

Connect your people, processes, and systems.



Build secure and scalable custom apps. Create, deploy, and test apps quickly with the latest change and release management tools.

Salesforce Functions

Deliver event-driven, connected experiences fast using popular languages, tools and their pre-packaged libraries.

Experience Builder

Help your developers be more efficient with a complete clicks-to-code digital transformation.

Lightning Web Components

Extend low code with a portfolio of elastic services that make development scalable and flexible.


Secure development environments. Build, test, and deploy changes with confidence.

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