Accelerate growth with real-time sales planning inside of Salesforce.

Accelerate growth with real-time sales planning inside of Salesforce.

Quip delivers templated best practices and real-time CRM data designed to help you win faster. Connect your teams and reimagine sales process for a more digital future – including account planning, executive briefings, and more.


Work together, win together.

Now it’s easy to work together as you work apart. Sales teams can stay aligned - and close more deals - no matter where they are working. Grow your sales organization and ensure team success with standardized best practices and informed accountability. Gain the visibility you need to focus your team around the right accounts and right activities to reach your business goals.

Single source of truth

Help sales teams stay aligned and productive

Ensure you are always working off of the most recent data by linking your sales plans to live CRM data with a two-way sync. Use embedded documents, spreadsheets and templates to capture all of your data, processes, and conversations inside Sales Cloud so they're not scattered across email or files, allowing your teams to work together in real-time, all in one place.

Turn sales strategy into action

Drive more business and close more deals

Accelerate deals with collaborative documents, spreadsheets, and live apps designed to help sales teams share context and stay on the same page. Include stakeholders in your sales processes across the deal cycle, from Account Plans with your team to Mutual Success Plans with your customers to 1-1 templates with your reps.

Fastest time to value

Empower your teams from day one

With Quip, implementation is easy and user adoption is fast. Quickly implement and roll it out knowing you have a dedicated team by your side to ensure your success. And thanks to our intuitive user experience, your sales teams can get started day one.
"Quip's integration with Slack and Sales Cloud delivers convenience, functionality and value wherever the user is. It provides a consistent experience across applications - whether you’re in CRM, in Quip or in Slack - that consistency is key to reducing the drain of multi-app navigation, and to maintaining team focus on high-value accounts and customer obsession."

Michael Peeler, Head of Global Sales Transformation, Data & Insights at IBM


Quip Advanced

Work faster together inside of Quip, with real-time CRM data and built-in collaboration.
$ 100
(billed annually)

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