Sales and finance teams create quotes and invoices with a click, and everyone sees the “revenue by channel” dashboard.

Revenue Optimization

Sell efficiently with revenue cycle management built directly into your CRM. Drive profitable growth and keep sales and finance in synch with Revenue Cloud.

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Streamline every channel and revenue model with Revenue Cloud.

Get total revenue cycle management that connects sales and finance — all on one platform.

Close deals faster with a seamless product-to-order process.

Configure, Price & Quote

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Speed up deal approval and reduce errors by equipping reps with one product catalog and price book, product configurator, and conditional quote terms.
A menu show options to configure products at the deal approval stage.

Get more sales productivity with less revenue leakage. Create accurate, branded quotes that improve profit margins with product and pricing rules, discount controls, and advanced approvals.
A drop-down menu gives options to generate different documents such as quote, contract, and proposal.

Reduce churn and identify new opportunities with automated renewals, advanced order management, and simplified contract amendments.
An upcoming renewal is forecasted. One button let the user amend the contract for any changes.

Unify Sales and Finance to collect cash and reach profitable growth faster.


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Complete quote-to-cash data: Improve financial reporting speed and accuracy with all sales, quoting, invoicing, and payment data captured on one platform.

The sales and finance teams work in the same opportunities, quotes, and order records to create an accurate invoice.

Get payments faster with automated payment methods, consolidation invoicing, and AI-powered collections insights.
Drop-down menus allow a sales department to create a quote. The same menu helps finance generate an invoice.

Improve customer retention and growth by tracking metrics with pricing, quoting, and subscription analytics.

A dashboard tracks invoices and usage consumption in both specific and summary views.

Drive efficient growth with self-service buying.

Subscription Management

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Activate monetization models like one-time buying or subscription products fast to drive profitable growth.
A drop-down menu allows a user to switch between monthly or evergreen terms.

Elevate fast and easy self-service options for customers to free up reps’ time and automate order processing.
A Omni-Channel tool for self-service

Empower customers to buy, upgrade, and renew on their terms.
Users can view and edit their own invoices to change or update them.

Sales Cloud Pricing

Select your Sales Cloud edition below. Some editions already include Revenue Optimization products, right out of the box. For the others, you can easily add the products you need.


Start fast with sales, service, and email outreach.
$ 25
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Simplified Setup & Onboarding
  • Lead Management
  • Account & Opportunity Management
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The CRM for sales.

$ 75
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Customizable Reports & Dashboards
  • Forecast Management
  • Quoting & Contracting
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The CRM for sales with analytics and API.

$ 150
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Pipeline Management
  • Advanced Permissions
  • Workflow and Approvals
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The CRM for sales with automation, AI and development support built-in.

$ 300
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Includes all capabilities
  • Premier Success Plan
  • Full and Developer Sandboxes
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Frequently asked questions

Revenue cycle management software is a tool that helps organizations track and manage their financial performance by automating tasks such as billing, claims processing, and payment collections to ensure maximum revenue capture and efficiency.

The benefits of revenue cycle management software include increased revenue capture, decreased administrative costs, improved compliance with regulations, and enhanced patient satisfaction through streamlined billing and payment processes.

To choose the right revenue cycle management software, organizations should consider factors such as functionality, ease of use, scalability, integration with other systems, and return on investment.

Revenue optimization refers to the process of maximizing revenue growth by analyzing and optimizing pricing strategies, sales tactics, and customer acquisition and retention efforts. It is important for businesses to ensure they are capturing the maximum value of their offerings and driving sustainable growth in revenue and profitability.

Revenue optimization is critical for businesses because it helps them identify opportunities for growth and profitability while ensuring they are capturing the maximum value of their offerings. By optimizing pricing strategies, sales tactics, and customer engagement, businesses can achieve sustainable revenue growth and improve their competitive position in the market.

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