A dashboard shows team quotas are on track as well as an account upside score of 72 and how to improve upon that score.

Revenue Intelligence

Sell smarter with a revenue intelligence platform built-in to CRM. Speed revenue with actionable intelligence and insightful visualizations to address pipeline gaps and hit forecasts.

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What can you do with a revenue intelligence platform?

Sell smarter with purpose-built AI-recommendations and analytics.

Exceed targets with contextual insights.

Get complete view of your revenue performance as it relates to your pipeline, teams, and sales to drive focus.
Dashboards show team quota attainment on track, top open opportunities, and amount of won opportunities.

See how your current forecast compares to the same time period in previous forecasts to see if you're on track to meet current and future goals.
A notification says you are likely to achieve your quota with 54 days left in quarter and a $35M Einstein prediction.

Zero in on which accounts you can revisit to create new business and identify the right products for their additional needs.
Filter deal by account owner, product family, and time period. Display of geographical info and new opportunities by account.

Adapt sales strategies with real-time data.

Analyze and compare team performance across the top KPIs and view top accounts, top open opportunities, and top products.
A dashboard shows a VP of Sales’ team and their 57% win rate.

Get a comprehensive view of your sales trends over time and understand what activities are driving the outcomes.
A line graph shows 7.7M in close won sales and a notification updates shows what is driving deal sizes.

Perform CRM actions at the point of insight to save reps time.

A bar graph shows a sales leader’s pipeline filtered by team with an option to open specific records

Grow customer relationships.

Quickly identify where to focus your resources based on which accounts have upside opportunities and which accounts are at risk.
Notifications show an example 99.5 account health score and a 1.7 upsell score with leading causes and how to improve.

Build AI-powered predictions fast, based on any data with clicks, not code.
An example 85% win rate paired with an Einstein Discovery notification that gives leading causes and how to improve

Easily visualize how your pipeline has changed overtime for opportunities closing in a given time period for any team or member.
A bar graph displays different types of pipeline and current status of each type.

Revenue Intelligence Pricing

Start by selecting your Sales Cloud edition. Some editions already include Revenue Intelligence right out of the box. For the others, you can easily add Revenue Intelligence at these price points.

Revenue Intelligence

Close faster with actionable intelligence

$ 200
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Revenue Insights Dashboards
  • Account Discovery
  • CRM Analytics Plus License
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Revenue Intelligence for Your Industry

Financial Services, Manufacturing, Communications, Energy & Utilities, Consumer Good, and Media
$ 200
User / Month
USD (billed annually)
  • Revenue Insights Dashboards
  • Account Discovery
  • CRM Analytics Plus License
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Frequently asked questions

A revenue intelligence platform is a software tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help businesses gather, analyze, and act on revenue-related data. It provides insights into customer behavior, sales trends, and revenue performance, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions and improve revenue outcomes.

A revenue intelligence platform offers several benefits, such as improved sales forecasting, increased revenue growth, enhanced customer experience, better sales performance, and more efficient sales processes. It also helps businesses identify new revenue opportunities and optimize pricing strategies, leading to higher profitability.

When selecting a revenue intelligence platform, consider factors such as data sourcing, ease of use, sensitive data protections, and integrations with existing systems. You should also evaluate the platform's machine learning capabilities and analytics features to ensure they align with your business needs.

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